Physical Requirements for Members

It is the policy of the State Board that any individual under 16 years of age is not eligible for coverage. In all other cases, membership eligibility is a matter determined at the local level by each individual department. The State Board does make some recommendations regarding the physical ability of a person to perform the work required of a firefighter or reserve officer.

Physical Examinations for New Members

The State Board recommends that each department require a physical examination for prospective members in order to determine if they are physically fit for the job. The State Board will pay a portion of the cost of each such physical examination. To claim that portion, it is necessary to submit to the State Board an invoice voucher payable to the doctor who performed the examination, with the doctor’s tax identification number in the payee box, and approved by the Local Board of Trustees. This voucher may be signed by the doctor or have the original bill attached. If the department prefers to pay the doctor directly and then request reimbursement from the State Board, the voucher should be made payable to the municipality or department, signed by the secretary of the Local Board of Trustees as the payee, approved by the Local Board of Trustees, and sent to the State Board with proof of payment and a copy of the doctor’s bill attached.

Physical Agility Tests

The State Board also recommends that departments require that prospective members pass some form of physical agility test to be sure that they are capable of the type of hard work required of them. The State Board has compiled a set of physical agility tests that have been used in various fire departments in the state and makes them available to interested fire departments upon request.